Angela Renee | Love your Lashes Part 2

17th June 2014

False lashes of every kind are infiltrating the beauty counters.

Once a niche beauty statement, false lashes are fast becoming a regular beauty staple for the average woman.

Falsies are an affordable and accessible enhancement to the eyes, that can deliver wow results to the wearer.

Many of us have developed a new lash addiction, while the rest of us are left wondering what this lash phenomenon is all about..

The big question with so many options now available, is what is the best style for you and your occasion?

Individual lashes: Starting with the most natural option to choose from, individual lashes are a popular choice for brides, or those that want a natural result for that special occasion.

Individual lashes are tiny lash flares that come in varying lengths. They are best applied using Duo Lash adhesive which is a safe water proof glue. They won’t fall off when you shed a tear at your girlfriends wedding but will wash away when cleansing your face that evening.

These take a little expertise to apply and can be used in many different ways such as vintage flick at the outer corner of the eye, an all over natural, fuller look or even to fill in natural gaps in your natural lash growth.

Lash strips or false lash sets: come in every shape and colour from natural through to Avant- guard. They are available at your professional beauty counter, chemist, direct from your makeup artist and online.

They are fantastic for women with a larger eye and naturally long lashes who wish for a natural result. They are necessary to create an optimum full lash look, to enhance a dramatic Smokey eye and for stage and theatre.

The drag queen, dance queen and lash queen all love a false lash set. They often need to be trimmed to fit the length of your own lash length, are best applied with Due glue and can be recycled and worn more than once.

Get creative for your next lavish event and wear a lash set with jewelled bling, vibrant hues or feathered!

Lash extensions: Is the way to go if you find yourself heading to the office with Saturday nights falsie’s on. If you can’t get enough- go for the longer lasting lash extension option.

The technique of applying lash extensions should not be underestimated. I highly recommend having your extensions applied by a certified lash extension specialist. Be prepared to book well in advance, chances are they are in high demand.

The extensions’ are applied using permanent glue that attaches each individual hair strand onto your natural lash. The applied lash hair then lasts the lifetime of your natural lash cycle 3-8 weeks depending on the individual client.

The process is painless and your new lashes,( when well applied) with feel comfy and look like they belong to you.

The results can be natural, through to more dramatic and can be maintained with regular follow up application, so as to maintain the look past the 3-8 week mark.

The latest lash extension technique available is called “Russian volume” and has recently become available in New Zealand. The difference with this new style of technique, is that multiple lash hairs can be attached to your single lash hair, creating a fuller and softer effect. Specialist’s for Russian Volume here in Auckland are Eye Envy and Cerise for more detailed information.

Lash bars: are common place abroad and we are lucky enough to be catching up here. MAC has recently opened its first lash bar here in Auckland.

If you find the idea of choosing and applying your false lashes a daunting process then contact your personal makeup artist or head to the pro counter for a professional recommendation and application.

Have fun… with the many options available there is so much potential to have a lot of fun with false lashes. Weather you book in with a specialist or apply an affordable lash set from the chemist, there is endless opportunity to change your look in new and exciting ways…enjoy!

Brought to you by – Angela Renee, Hair & Makeup specialist


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