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17th May 2012

Queenstown based ‘Cherry Blossom Cakes‘ Shares some advice about choosing your perfect cake. Weather it be traditional or original, Grandmas favorite to new age ruffles, there are endless idea’s when it comes to cakes.

WHAT ARE POPULAR FLAVORS FOR MODERN CAKES? Definitely the most popular flavour is chocolate mud cake, however most flavours are possible. I get requests from the traditional fruit cake to the very untraditional but loads of fun kiwi lolly cake.

WHAT STYLE ARE YOU SEEING? There is such a huge range of cake designs coming through, most commonly couples are choosing something fun that represents them or their interests or we are going to the other extreme of more traditional cake which are just stunning. ARE PEOPLE GOING FOR SIMPLE CAKES OR MORE EXTRAVAGANT? This really depends on the couple and their budget. A more extravagant cake means more $$, Where as we are also getting a large number of simple cakes that work well on a budget.

CUPCAKES WERE ALL THE RAGE A FEW YEARS BACK, ARE THEY STILL IN? Cupcakes are still popular, but not as popular as tiered cakes at the moment. The great thing about cupcakes is you can have different flavors and designs. They’re easy for guest to take as a favor too. Doughnuts are fun option over cupcakes and the ever popular cake pops are making a huge impression, especially for dessert tables. DESSERT TABLES ARE THE ‘IN THING’ RIGHT NOW? WHAT’S YOUR DESSERT STYLE? Dessert Tables are definitely the in thing at the moment and there is so much scope for creativity here. For me I love dessert tables to be full and fun, there is nothing better than seeing guests eyes light up at all the options for them. For me dessert tables should be able to cater for your dessert but also make sure to have some takeaway boxes or bags so guests can also take some home for later (or breakfast the next day….).

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT CAKES? As well as the satisfaction of seeing something being created from just some basic ingredients, for me the most important thing is having the opportunity to be part of people’s special day. There is nothing like being part of a wedding, birthday or special occasion, cakes make people happy, and I can’t think of anything better to be doing, creating happiness is priceless! Here are some great questions for couples to consider when starting to look at wedding cakes and decorators.

♥ Date – Is the date available? ♥ Number of guests? and if you want to serve the cake as dessert or just with coffee – this alters the amount of cake you require. ♥ Location– Is delivery required? ♥ Budget– This is important, if you have a specific budget, let your decorator know, as they will then come up with options that suit your budget, prices are generally based on the cost of ingredients plus the time taken to create your masterpiece so the more complicated your design the more expensive it will be. Design Is there something you have seen that you like, do you have wedding colours, theme or stationary that you would like to tie into your cake design? Sweetest of thanks to Melissa from ‘Cherry Blossom Cakes‘ Based in Queenstown. Images

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