Beck Rocchi Photography

9th November 2014

I tell stories through my photography.  I freeze moments which radiate in human essence – capturing spirit, personality and depth. They are colourful, juicy and fresh; shouting of raw emotion and truth. I love people, and their differences… their uniqueness and individuality. I’m a sucker for love… Its emotion; its wild foreverness and its hearty tenderness. So for me, wedding photography is something I enjoy very much. My personality and style reign through my imagery. I am an effervescent and visual person with a vivacious love for our world and its people. My mind is a creative place and I see the beauty in everything! My aim is to capture your special day in the most natural and creative way possible. I am unobtrusive and will not get in your way – rather let everything unfold on its own. I will not make you be someone you are not; but capture beautiful images that reflect who you are as a couple and that speak of your unique connection and relationship. I have no doubt that your day will be perfect! The story will be there – all the exquisite splendor and the moments of emotion. And my role is to simply tell your story.

I travel around Australia/NZ and all over the world to capture the stories of people in love

Where are you located?  I am located in Melbourne although I get to move around alot because of my broad clientele. I have been a little gypsy in the past – living between Melbourne, Byron Bay and Bali. Each of them is my home in a different way and I like having it like that! Variation is the key to balance and fulfilment!

Happy to travel?  I absolutely love travelling. My passport does not have enough pages for stamps! In the past I have shot weddings in Bali, NZ, Mykonos, France, Mauritious and in most states of Aus.

Describe yourself in 3 words?  Energetic, passionate, a dreamer…

Whats your style?  I shoot in a documentary style and capture the beauty that I see in a unique way through my camera lens. I have no formal photography training and have developed my own style which came from shooting in the streets of third world such as Cuba, Jamaica and Egypt. I am fast, quick and great with my camera. I love a challenge, I love people and meeting a new bunch of lovely humans every weekend. Its great – I have a very amazing life.

Best thing about your job?  Ohhhh so many things! Working for yourself is uber amazing. Having this freedom is something that is so important to me. Im a little travelling gypsy who manages to shoot 35 weddings a year around the world. I’de say my job is perfect for me!


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