Boho Meets Rocker | JFairchild Photography

18th July 2014

We love a couple to embrace their style, and Boho/rocker duo Kaitlin & Ryan do just that.   I was completely smitten with their engagement shoot, and knew their wedding day would be equally as stylish.   One of our overseas faves JFairchild Photography captures the day beautiful.

Be sure to check out Kaitlin’s Fashion blog ‘Fringe of the Cro‘, the girls got talent.

What was your inspiration for your big day?

I was really inspired by Amanda Shadforth (Oracle Fox)’s wedding. It represented there relationship so well. After seeing that, we decided we didn’t necessarily need a theme. The theme was us.

Any Style/Theme/Colour palette?

We really combined so many styles, it would be hard to pin point one. It was fairly bohemian but with touches of rocker and modernism. I loved the Little Doe Wedding collection & that really put our vision in perspective of how to combine our different personalities. We eventually just combined every shared obsession: teepees, tapestry rugs, floral crowns, head pieces, anklets, men in vests… Our live music by a friend really pulled it all together. It was a very Bob Dylan sound.

What was most important when planning your day?

Staying true to our vision & representing our personalities to make it as organic and comfortable as possible. We’re very private & low key people, who hate attention. The ceremony lasted about 5 minutes and our vows were covered by The Wind by Cat Stevens (covered by our friend) if that puts it in perspective. Being traditional was the last thing on our mind.

What was the best thing about your day?

Probably just hearing everyone saying, “This is the best wedding ever!” At the end of the day, we had been married for years in our eyes. The wedding was just a celebration of that. We were so so happy that everyone had such a good time. We still hear about it.

Any advice for future brides?

Just stay true to your romance & let your day represent that. Make a list of everything you love & let that tailor your day.

Photography: JFairchild Photography | Brides dress: Mara Hoffman | Bridesmaids dresses: Twobirds | Men’s attire: Zara |Lanterns: Hobby Lobby | Florals: local flower shop 

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