Man Zone

Husband and Wife creatives Josh and Carla have just launched a complimentary addition to their bridal boutique ‘Made with Love Bridal‘.  Introducing its brother company ‘Made with Class‘ offering tailored suits and accessories for gentleman at an affordable price. Lets hear it from Josh; ‘Lads, we all know the wedding day ...more »
Groomed to perfection.  Whether it’s a beard, a moustache or a little stubble, it seems the ever growing amount of men around the world are ditching their freshly shaven face and opting for a rugged face of fur. I must admit, I’ve always been a sucker for a man with ...more »
Love them or hate them we seem to be seeing a lot of them….it’s Movember!!!. the month our handsome fresh faced men decide they need to grow a mustache and lets face it girls they only look good on about 10% of men, the good news is it’s only 1 ...more »
Oh don’t we just love men’s fashion. There is nothing better than seeing a well dressed gent sporting high fashion, weather it be casual, formal or a little bit quirky, we love. Unfortunately I am having a little trouble today inking the images, so if you like what you see, ...more »
Need to find some new shoes for your man? I’ve found some awesome online finds this week to suit any occasion. Walk the right way with smoky leathers, hues of blue gray and caramel and intricate detailing. Enjoy. 1. BOB, the Horse. 2. Original Hobe, Hobes. Suede ankle boot, Calibre. ...more »