David Batcher Photography

2nd June 2015

Hawkes Bay holds such special place in the hearts of cute couple Dora and Angus.  Spending most of their Summers Hawkes Bay amongst the beach and the mountains, it seemed the perfect location choice for their relaxed, inviting wedding.

Capturing their day was David Bacher Photography (those mountain shots, wow) Dora had some beautifully words to say about her photographer and her special day;

“It was so lovely to have our wedding photos done before the actual ceremony – to be alone and have a romantic moment before the whirlwind that is the wedding itself! We had a fab photographer who we trusted and knew would do a great job, and our friends and family just made the day magical. I didn’t believe when people say that your wedding day is the best day in your life.  Our wedding was definitely a spectacular day that will always be looked back on with nolstagia and Iove. That day and those photographs will always serve to remind us what a beautiful and precious thing we have, and how lucky we are.”

Photography: David Bacher Photography | Location: Craggy Range, Havelock North | Bouquets – Willoughby Road & family and friends | Dress designer: Sally Eagle | Makeup – Talented friend for Dora & Cushla Bower for the wedding party | Hair: Samantha Morris from Pure Hair | Caterer: Terroir restaurant, Craggy Range Winery

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