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14th April 2015

‘Marriage to me means having someone to experience life together, to create our own adventures and enjoying the rollercoaster ride. It is also about loving someone for who they are and help bring out the best in each other.’ Says Adeline when asked ‘What does marriage mean to you?’

KC and Adeline got engaged at Newport Beach, Sydney and then headed to Penang, Malaysia for the big day itself.

‘We wanted something simple yet timeless, so soft draping were a must for us with a neutral and gold colour scheme.   We had the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, which symbolises acceptance into the family. This ceremony also serves as a means for both sides of the bride and groom’s family to meet each other’ Says Adeline

When asked of a special moment throughout their day, they reflect on some time away with their photographer Eric Ronald Photography;

‘It gave us some time away from the rush of the day to have a little breather and enjoy that moment together. We actually felt very relaxed at the photo shoot. We got to check out some pretty cool spots near the hotel as well, which we would not have ever thought of going to ourselves!’

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

‘Start planning early, delegate as much as possible and try to not have any pending tasks a week before the wedding. That should give you time to fully relax before the big day. Most importantly, don’t sweat the small stuff and things will all work out in the end.’  Well Said Adeline.

Enjoy Lovers!!

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Photographer: Eric Ronald Photography | Makeup Artist: Angela Kang | Ceremony Location: Eastern & Oriental Hotel | Dress: Fashions by Farina | Rings: Grand Jewellery | Grooms Attire: Institchu | Cake: Penang Wedding Cakes | Flowers: Sofi Bridal | Band: Wedding in Charlie

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