Field of Gold

15th January 2014

A field, Jacaranda tree, & cute couple Cole & Courtney, The perfect recipe for Luminescence Studios to capture that cute love.  I really need to say very little today as I have the talented Becky from Luminescence Studios tell us about the day and her inspiration around the shoot, as well as a litte story from the gorgeous Courtney….My work here is done, enjoy the love xoxo

As a photographer sometimes inspirations strike us at very random moments, a simple drive through the countryside is filled with “oh that would be a beautiful place to shoot, look at that hill, oh that tree is just spectacular!” I sometimes feel bad for my husband. While driving to Waihi for a wedding we passed this pretty little meadow with two STUNNING jacaranda trees, I knew right then I just had to have a portrait session there! I was so lucky Courtney & Cole were up for an early morning session in this tiny little field near Kati Kati. Courtney and Cole are just as cute as can be and totally in love, they prove that being married is just as fun if not better than your days as an engaged couple!’

‘Cole and I were married in February 2012. We both tend to get a bit caught up in our work lives, but we always manage to have a few adventures together, small by Edmund Hillary standards and not necessarily by design, but none the less we have embraced and enjoyed every moment.These adventures can be as small as exploring a CD together over a newly discovered bottle of wine, in the dark with nothing but candles to guide our way. Or, as big as moving to a new city and searching for our favourite spot together. Whatever they are, no matter how small, all that is important is that we are together. Life is one big adventure and it would be boring without a travel companion.’



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