Getting the most out of your hair & makeup trial | by Angela Renee

10th December 2013

You have found your dream wedding gown, scoured thecountry for the perfect shoes and spent countless hours’ online hunting for those special touches.  How your bridal ensemble will come together can often be hard to imagine.  Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, why not maximise your hair and makeup trial as your pre wedding dress rehearsal.

Here are some tips for how to get the most out of your trial:

If it is possible, book your trail after you have your dress style sorted! It is absolutely necessary to have a decision of your chosen dress style, as the neck line will largely influence your hair style for your wedding day.  It is great to refer to your dress after the trial too, so you can see your hair and makeup and gown together. 

The latest time to book in your trial would be 4 weeks ahead of your wedding day.  This gives you and your artists some spare time if extras such as hair pieces and special lashes need to be ordered. You may also need advice on hair adornments, lash extensions and cut and colour foryour hair. These services will all be booked in your final month, pre wedding.

Some of you like to have a trial when you first book your wedding date in. This may be 12-18 months ahead of your wedding day.  In this situation it is advisable to have a second trail closer to your special day.

It may be that you travel to your artist’s studio for the trial appointment. A good tip is to wear a white/cream top with a similar cut or neck line to your wedding dress. 

Take your jewellery and an image of your gown, your artist will embrace being able to refer to these details and will have a very clear vision of your overall bridal style.

 Don’t forget your hair pieces and hair accessories if needed, and for those with sensitive skin bring along your personal skin care and makeup kit to show your artist.

Collect images of hair and makeup styles you love, even if you think they aren’t achievable. Visual references are a great starting point for your hair and makeup consultation.  Even if you feel you have many different looks that appeal to you, chances are your artist will see a common thread amongst the images.  Wonderful resources for this are Pinterest, blogs such as Love My Way, Bridal Magazines and Facebook pages of your favorite beauty specialist’s.

Your artist may be able to create a look for you that you never thought possible, but also remember to keep an open mind, as your facial bone structure, skin type, hair length and texture will dictate how every look will translate on you.  The lovely thing about this is you will always look unique on your special day.

Try a few different looks. Are you undecided to have your hair up or down? Do you want natural makeup, yet unsure just how natural that may be? The trial is the time to experiment!!

Most artists will allow enough time to try two different techniques. If you know you are unsure, let them know in advance so they can factor this into your appointment time.  A good idea is to take along your camera so you can snap images of your trial hair and makeup to refer to later on.  It’s nice to be able to remind yourself at a later date your chosen look.

If you change your mind later, don’t panic! It will be possible to book your artist for a second time. Discuss this with your artist and be aware that they may charge the same price for each trial, or discount for a second trial.

Bring a friend or ask your friend to meet you at the end of the appointment. Some of you need the extra support and advice.  However, for many of you it’s best going it alone at the trial appointment.

Book you trial on a day that you are attending a special event. You may not want to reveal your wedding day hair and makeup to the public not to mention your husband to be! However, most hair and makeup artists are happy to brush out your hair up, apply some heavier shadow and lippy and wallah.. the perfect evening look that won’t give the secret away!

Next Edition – Luscious Lashes, coming soon.

Angela Renee – Our LMW Hair & Makeup Guru

Image Thanks to – Simplicity Elegance and Beauty, Anabundance, Sarah Louise Photography

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