Groomed to perfection

30th July 2014

Groomed to perfection.  Whether it’s a beard, a moustache or a little stubble, it seems the ever growing amount of men around the world are ditching their freshly shaven face and opting for a rugged face of fur.

I must admit, I’ve always been a sucker for a man with beard, in the past probably even  sprained my neck from turning too quickly to check out a perfectly groomed beard.  However with the new craze taking over, it appears our bearded friends amongst us are now the majority.

So what does it take to maintain a beard?  Those that think it’s an easy task, think again, the beard needs love and we’re here to keep you groomed.

Shampoo and conditioner – Like your hair, your facial hair is going to need a good wash, conditioner, really?  I hear you say.  As we all know facial hair is coarse and conditioner is going to help moisturise and relax unruly hair.  So yes…..conditioner.

Trimmers – Unless your particularly lucky, perfect beards don’t just grown, they need to be carved to perfection.  Make sure you trim regularly.

Oil / Wax / Clay / Balm – Not only leaving your beard smelling delicious but moulding your facial hair into a well groomed masterpiece. 

Not sure where to find these products?  We’ve got you covered.  Be sure to check out theses beard lovin’ retailers,  The Bearded Chap, Man Cave and Shaverhut

Good day to you my bearded friends xoxo

Images thanks to Pinterest.

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