Introducing Hannah Checkley | Fashion Guru

27th August 2015

Hannah Profile 900px Today we are excited to introduce you to our very first fashion blogger, the ever so talented Hannah Checkley, personal stylist and all round fashion guru.  English born Hannah will be bringing you fashion tips, tricks, current trends and much more to to our Love My Way blog and I don’t know about you but we are super excited!!  Lets meet the style queen herself and stay tuned for Hannah’s first fashion post.


PROFESSION:  Fashion Stylist

LOVES:  Design, Coffee, Holidays and Loud Music

HOW DO YOU START YOUR DAY?  I’m a huge fan of getting up at the crack of dawn and getting my sweat on at Crossfit Queenstown. I follow this with a big feed of poached eggs and spinach with my man. I’m ready to start my working day by 8:30 with a good cup of strong coffee.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS?  I’m a Dedicated and Driven Perfectionist when working but love it when my alter ego shows up with giggles, cuddles and a bit of a dance.

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HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR LOOK FRESH?   It’s simple. I plan an outfit the night before. Priorities are; comfort and confidence. There is no point wearing something you are either not comfortable in or don’t have the confidence to wear. TOP TIP… freshen it up, throw on your favourite outfit, check yourself in the mirror and tweak one thing. Add an accessory, change your shoes, do your hair differently or wear a new lippy. You will instantly feel fabulously fresh.

WHATS IT LIKE TO WORK IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY?  I’m not gonna lie, it’s a tough industry to be in but the rewards are awesome. I get to work with great people and get involved in events I could only have dreamt about before.

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WHAT DOES A TYPICAL WEEK LOOK LIKE FOR YOU?  At the moment I am concentrating on networking and build relationships with other local businesses to bring a better Style Service to my clients. A typical week involves heaps business meetings aka, coffee dates, getting creative behind my mac book writing style blogs for myself and guest blogging, researching trends, reading magazines and a few glasses of wine with friends thrown in there to mix it up.

WHAT DO YOU DO ON YOUR DAYS OFF?  I love to totally switch off when I’m not working. It has been an outstanding winter.  I throw my board in the car and head up the mountain with my boyfriend, hiking to find the best snow and take in our beautiful surroundings. Follow this with a big feed, a glass of cider, some loud music and a dance and there you have it, my perfect winters day off.

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HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE IDEA TO LAUNCH YOUR PERSONAL STYLIST BUSINESS? I have always worked as a Retail Manager. The best bit about my job has always been styling my customers. Forget the management and numbers side of things, I was more interested in helping my customers feel great in what they wore. I get huge satisfaction out of watching them leave on a high, knowing they are going to rock it in their new outfit. I just had to make this my business, so I launched Hannah Checkley Personal Stylist. Here anyone can come and experience a style consultation from Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Audits, Personal Shopping and Style Coaching.

TELL US ABOUT THE STYLE SOCIETY.   The Style society is a place where people far and wide can come to get style advice, learn about trends, how to wear them and feel a sense of belonging. It’s my baby, I love it. You can join The Style Society to get fashion inspiration, giveaways and discounts.

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WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM YOU IN THE COMING YEAR?  You will see me running Style Events, growing The Style Society and Styling Queenstown one client at a time. I will be guest blogging for Love My Way to bring style straight to your inbox so keep you eye out.

You can also follow Hannah on Facebook and Instagram for her latest updates.

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