Introducing Kristi Bonnici | Expert Interview

26th July 2013

WHO? Kristi Bonnici

WHAT? Kristi Bonnici Bridal accessories

WHERE? Our showroom is in Sydney, Australia, but we have stockists throughout Australia and American and also sell online at

How long have you been designing Headpieces and accessories? I have been designing for about 12 years, my very first job was designing accessories for Oroton and from there I moved into lingerie, so this business is a lovely way to combine my love and knowledge of lace and designing accessories. I founded Kristi Bonnici Bridal Accessories in 2010.

What is your favorite bridal Style? I tend to flit between classic romance that is timeless and chic and a bit of boho styling.

What’s your style forecast for the 2013 bride? It has been really interesting to watch the shift in thinking from brides in the last couple of years. Gone are the days of replicating a wedding or look from a magazine. Now it is more about celebrating the bride and groom’s collective and individual style and the styling of both weddings and the brides look has become a lot more relaxed. With this comes a lot more requests for garlands ( whether they are fresh flowers or silk) and Juliette veils.. for me they are the stand out styles in regards to accessories for 2013.

What’s you all time favorite piece in your collection? Oh no, you can’t ask me that, that’s like asking a parent “who’s your favourite child”… I love them all the same.. ha!

Your headpieces are exquisite. Do you create custom made pieces? Yes we do. In addition to creating our collections annually, we also work a lot with brides creating custom pieces that are either something they have dreamt about wearing and can’t find, taking elements or motifs from there gown and creating accessories to co-ordinate or combining elements of a few of our pieces that they love to create something that is individual and totally them. We also work a lot with bridesmaids, flower girls ( think mini garlands and hair pins) and mothers of the bride.

What would you recommend for a bride that wanted to be a ‘little daring’ on their day? That would really depend on what other style choices she had made, but I would say have fun with your look and dare to be different but make sure it is truly representing you and your style and that all your elements ( dress, accessories, hair and makeup) work together in harmony rather than one thing being the focus.

Name one style blunder brides should steer clear of? Being too accommodating to how other people want you to look. I find that when brides get pushed into wearing things that aren’t them that is when things go wrong. When you go with your instincts and choose what you love, you feel totally comfortable and I think you look your most beautiful.

Do you cater for international brides? We do. We have worked with brides from all over the world including USA, Russia, UK, NZ and any more. We ship our pieces to almost every corner of the globe and we have also had virtual appointments ( via Skype) to create custom pieces for brides who can’t make it into our showroom.We try to be as flexible as possible and if we can find a way to make a piece for a bride, no matter how far away she is, we most certainly will.

You are very fashion savvy, can you name a wedding trend you think should be left in 2012? Not really. I think every year the bridal industry is becoming more and more current and closer to what is happening in ready to wear and I love that and 2012 was a great year both in Australia and abroad for bridal.

Your favorite thing about working with brides? Oh gosh there are lots of things but my two favourite things would have to be that it really is such a joy to be working every day with girls that are enjoying one of the most magical times of their lives,being around that beautiful energy every day is infectious and I am very grateful for that. The other thing that I really love is working on custom pieces.. working hard to realise the vision the bride has and might not have been able to visualise or articulate it and the joy she has when we finally get there in the process… that is lovely, its hard not be effected by that emotion.

Your top fashion tip? Dressing is about expressing who you are and is one of life’s true pleasures, so enjoy it!

Thanks Kristi Bonnici.


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