Mike and Ilona | CAPTURED by Keryn

10th September 2015


A big thanks to our girl CAPTURED by Keryn for sharing this gorgeous wedding of Mike and Ilona with us today.

A relaxed, non tradition day infused with the couples fun creative personalities.  There crafty talents came to use when Ilona made her own bouquets for the girls, and furniture maker Mike decided to make wooden bow ties for himself and the groomsmen.

Heading for the hills with the bridal party for a picnic and some cheeky shots made for the perfect photo opportunity before hitting the dance floor Scottish style for a ceilidh.

Photography: CAPTURED by Keryn | Dress: Rue De Seine | Hair and Makeup: Kaitlin Chapman Makeup and Hair |
Bridesmaid gowns: ASOS | Groom’s attire: Suits on Broadway | Cake: Cake and Co. | Catering: Luscious Catering Limited | Band: The Twisty Willow

MikeandIlonalowres-5 MikeandIlonalowres-17 MikeandIlonalowres-27 MikeandIlonalowres-85 MikeandIlonalowres-94 MikeandIlonalowres-100 MikeandIlonalowres-109 MikeandIlonalowres-155 MikeandIlonalowres-218 MikeandIlonalowres-269 MikeandIlonalowres-280 MikeandIlonalowres-312 MikeandIlonalowres-337 MikeandIlonalowres-338 MikeandIlonalowres-373 MikeandIlonalowres-431 MikeandIlonalowres-435 MikeandIlonalowres-476 MikeandIlonalowres-478 MikeandIlonalowres-486 MikeandIlonalowres-550 MikeandIlonalowres-585 MikeandIlonalowres-607 MikeandIlonalowres-620 MikeandIlonalowres-668 MikeandIlonalowres-685 MikeandIlonalowres-712 MikeandIlonalowres-836 MikeandIlonalowres-841 MikeandIlonalowres-892 MikeandIlonalowres-902 MikeandIlonalowres-906 MikeandIlonalowres-945 MikeandIlonalowres-965 MikeandIlonalowres-987 MikeandIlonalowres-1006 MikeandIlonalowres-1011 MikeandIlonalowres-1014 MikeandIlonalowres-1019 MikeandIlonalowres-1051 MikeandIlonalowres-1069 MikeandIlonalowres-1087 MikeandIlonalowres-1100 MikeandIlonalowres-1119 MikeandIlonalowres-1132 MikeandIlonalowres-1135 MikeandIlonalowres-1201 MikeandIlonalowres-1205 MikeandIlonalowres-1206 MikeandIlonalowres-1321 MikeandIlonalowres-1354 MikeandIlonalowres-1542 MikeandIlonalowres-1554 MikeandIlonalowres-1564 MikeandIlonalowres-1633

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