Olivia & Reuben | A gorgeous ‘Downunder Wedding’

6th May 2013
When I think of weddings, I often think about the reflection they have on your life, lifestyle and they can be whatever you want them to be, a true reflection of yourself and your fiancé. Some weddings have this and some don’t. This wedding sent to me by the gorgeous bride Olivia, even though I have never met her and Reuben, seems to be a gorgeous reflection of the two and a truly gorgeous downunder wedding.
“My husband and I got married on January 12th of this year and were very privileged to have had Kristen Marie Parker photograph our wedding all the way from Seattle. Our story of being able to have Kristen is pretty special. Kristen & I both separately traveled to Cambodia and whilst Kristen was there she photographed a friends engagement. After seeing this engagement shoot on her website, I began following Kristen’s blog as I was so amazed by her photography talent. I got so excited one night (on a night shift as a nurse – not the best time to make decisions…) to email Kristen inquiring about wedding photography, when at the time I was not even engaged :s …but I did get engaged soon after! and on a whim thought I would ask if she might come over to NZ for our wedding? … and it just so happened that Kristen was getting married 5 months before us but were unable to have a proper honeymoon as her husband was touring with his band. We amazingly got a deal together where Kristen and her husband would travel to NZ in early January to have a honeymoon and then be able to photograph our wedding. Reuben and I were absolutely over the moon! This was a dream come true! A person we both admired for her astonishing creativity was coming to NEW ZEALAND! to capture our special day!.”
 “Kristen went above and beyond for us – she did pre and post wedding day shoots as well as got her husband to shoot a super8 film for our videography.”
“We are so proud of our day and the way in which Kristen captured this in such a unique way. I personally put a lot of effort making majority of the wedding decorations and for it to be captured the way it was, was amazing. Reuben and I cant stop looking at our beautiful photos and all of the happiness.”

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