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9th April 2014

Hello there! My name is Anna Skye and I spend my days helping brides around the world save a ton of cash by DIYing their wedding stationery. At my website, Download & Print, you’ll find hundreds of printables just waiting for you to download, print, and add your unique flair too. To this day I get a kick out of seeing happy brides and their crafty creations. My mission at D&P has always been to provide stylish and quality invitations on a budget, without compromise.

Today I am excited to be on the Love My Way blog with an exclusive free invitation, RSVP, and enclosure card set. I call it Paisley Flowers, and it’s got a decidedly Asian feel to it with the fish scale background. Add a touch of romantic, a dash of vintage, and a daring surprise – this design is just as eclectic as you. Complete the ensemble with Victorian lace flowers and you’ve got yourself a sophisticated invitation for your big day. I created a vellum and velvet booklet to pop the entire set into, and the full instructions, along with the free downloads, are below.


Free printable templates

White card stock


Vellum (translucent card stock)

Purple satin ribbon 16mm wide

Double sided tape

Bone Folder (optional)




Step 1: Download and Print

Download the template files and open in MS Word. Customise with your wedding details. 

The script font used in the template sample is Jane Austen and the information text is New Cicle, both of which are available to download for free. If you do not have these fonts installed on your computer Word will substitute different fonts. You can pick any fonts that you like. 

Print the files on white card stock.

TIP: I recommend printing one sample of the invitation and RSVP to check for spelling and punctuation errors. Have a second set of eyes look at the sample before you commit to printing them all!


Step 2: Trim

Cut the invitation, RSVP, and enclosure card along the trim lines using your scissors or paper cutter. A paper cutter will be faster and will produce straighter cuts, but scissors will work just fine too.

Step 3: Fold and Trim the Vellum

Fold the vellum in half and make a nice, crisp crease with your bone folder. Firm pressure with your hands will also work in a pinch.

Trim the vellum to 5×7” folded, the same size as your invitations.


Step 4: Attach Ribbon

Attach a strip of double side tape across the vellum booklet, half way down. Place a length of ribbon across the tape and press down firmly with your hands. Flip the booklet over and place another strip of tape on the other side of the booklet. Continue the ribbon around the fold and secure in place by pressing down firmly with the palm of your hand.


Step 5: Trim Ribbon Tails

Trim the ribbon tails on the diagonal about 2.5 cm out from the booklet. Melt the ribbon with a lighter or candle to prevent fraying. It is not necessary to hold the ribbon directly into the flame, just hold it close enough to lightly melt the ends. This will prevent the ends from curlng.

The invitations are now ready for stuffing and mailing.

By Anna Syke – Download and print

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