Rich Bayley Photography

9th November 2014

    I am a hopeless romantic at heart and thrive on capturing images that tell a story all on their own. It’s about relaxing, being yourself and just having fun. Sound good? Come say Hi.

Where are you located?  New Zealand Wide

Happy to travel?  Absolutely! I travel all over the place for weddings, I find new locations really bring out my creative side.

Describe yourself in 3 words?  I want to say “bad ass gangsta” but “fun loving cruiser” is probably more accurate.

Whats your style?  When it comes to capturing people in love my style is always influenced by the couple themselves and how they are with each other. It’s about that honest connection that could only ever belong to them. I’m attracted to clean, crisp and truthful images, shots that look effortless and intimate. I always pull the surrounding landscape in and feature nature as often as possible. I’m not afraid of a good laugh either and love my couples to just be themselves and have as much fun as possible.

Best thing about your job?  I’d have to say it’s being able to not just witness special moments as they unfold but capture them so they live forever in a physical way too. I think it’s kind of like curating a collection of love letters or recording an insanely personal song written just for that couple. Oh and making new friends every weekend, I’m totally into that, the more high fives and laughs the better.



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