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9th July 2014

Sensitive Skin is brought to you by Angela Renee Hair & Makeup Specialist

In today’s environment having sensitive skin is a part of everyday life for many. Especially at this time of year the change in the seasons and in door heating can contribute to dry sensitive skin.

From eczema, dermatitis, to more subtle allergen’s,  if you knowingly react to products and ingredient’s, your wedding day makeup needs special thought.

Stress, diet and genetics, are just few examples of contributing factors. Unfortunately ingredients in our cosmetics and body care such as sulphates and parabens are known irritants.

I know from experience with my own skin problems that sensitivities are so individual and personal.

If you have sensitive skin the idea of having your makeup professionally applied on your wedding day may be a no go zone!

  The good news is, it is possible to have gorgeous makeup on your wedding day,

Here a few ideas to think about:

Find a makeup artist who you can easily communicate with

Make sure they make your individual skin type their first priority

Definitely have a trial

Be prepared and make time for a thorough consultation before any makeup is applied

It may be best to do this ahead of your trail appointment so there is time for a patch test if your artist recommends one.

Your artist may like to perform a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your trial to test any reaction to their products. See below…

You may be asked personal questions relating to your diet and lifestyle

Take your personal makeup kit with you including your cleansers and moisturisers. Show and tell your way through your products. What works on your skin, what you have had issues with?

It may work well for you, for your artist to combine your products with what is in their kit. For example incorporating your primer can create the perfect base and barrier to your artists’ foundation.

Discuss any ingredients that you know to be an issue for you such as wheat, talk, essential oils, and pollens and so on.

Let your artist know of these ingredients well in advance so they have time to research the products in their kit.

Allow plenty of time for your trial it may take longer than most

Sighs of a reaction can be burning, itchiness, tingling, and tightness in the skin, rash or swelling. Extreme reactions can result in blisters or ulcers. Let your artist know straight away if the makeup feels uncomfortable when being applied and remove the products immediately.

Take note of your skin in the days following, sometimes a flare up can be delayed. Give feedback to your artist they may have a back-up plan or other products in their kit that they can use instead.

Be prepared to purchase makeup especially for your wedding day. It is difficult for a makeup artist to carry enough ranges to suit every different skin type, especially sensitive skin. Talk to them and they will advise you.

Research ranges that are organic and free of known carcinogens, for some people this can be the answer. For others simply using a hypoallergenic range is all that is required.

Be aware that mineral ranges often contain talc which can cause irritation for some skin types.

Also be aware that some people are allergic to natural ingredient’s too such as essential oils, pollens to name a few.

Speak to your dermatologist, skin specialist, GP or natural health practitioner at least 1 year before the wedding day for advice and a skin treatment plan if required.

The Patch Test: is used to determine if a specific substance causes allergic inflammation of the skin. It is often applied to the inner elbow or behind the ear where the skin is naturally sensitive. A plaster can then be applied over the products to protect it and is best left for 48 hours to get an accurate result.

You can have stunning makeup even when you go without certain products. Think beautiful eye shadow yet minimal to no foundation! Or concealer carefully placed where needed. Mineral powders and bronzers may not suit everyone but is the perfect alternative coverage for the face for many with sensitivities. There are also many more ranges on the market to cater for those of us with an eversion to products with a high chemical content.

Take a look at  Nvey Makeup, Inika, Lavera, Dr Hauschka , Janeiredale to name a few.


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