Spell Bride ’15

12th August 2015


Walking down that sandy isle aisle, barefoot.

Luxe lace, a trail behind her in the sand,

A dreamer, eternally following her heart, Adventure and beauty in every breath.

Drifting in and out of this era and that, Salty hair from this mornings swim, he waits.

Love comes first.


“We’ve known, in our minds eye and in our heart of hearts, who the Spell Bride was, long before these gowns were designed. We’ve known her since the beginning, because we are her. Spelly and I have both designed our wedding gowns. We knew we’d wear them not as a costume, nor as gift wrapping, but as a second skin, so that when our beloveds looked upon us, they’d see only us.”

Located in Byron Bay Australia but all gowns are available for pre-order on their website HERE.  Head on over Lovers, these gown are truly stunning!!

SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8598 SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8605 SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8611 SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8643 SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8676 SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8694 SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8695 SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-8720 SpellBride_CanyonMoonDress-85381 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-7792a SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-77572 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-77601 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-77651 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-77671 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-77971 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-77991 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-78091 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-78221 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-78451 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-78671 SpellBride_Casablanca-Halter-Gown-78711 SpellBride_Duster-7523 SpellBride_Duster-7531 SpellBride_Duster-7548 SpellBride_Duster-7549 SpellBride_Duster-7550 SpellBride_Duster-7551 SpellBride_Duster-w-teddy-7660 SpellBride_Duster-w-teddy-7662 SpellBride_Duster-w-teddy-7695 SpellBride_Duster-w-teddy-7714 SpellBride_Duster-w-teddy-76461 SpellBride_PalmSprings-8894 Shoot by Spell on location on Rawa Island, Malaysia | Photography Johnny Abegg Photography | Muse Louise Mikkelsen @ Chic Models. | Styling and concept Spelly | H&M Luciana Rose | Production Michaela Macdonnell

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