Grace Loves Lace | The Oracle

2nd October 2015


Take a trip to no-man’s-land with this insanely beautiful Grace Loves Lace editorial – The Oracle

Against a captivating candy-floss sky one woman reigns in a no-man’s-land. With immense freedom, she sashays like the wind across a raw, glacial territory. Drawn to the unrestricted & boundless space she rules her dynasty with veracious independence & softness.

Drenched in liberating lace & adorned in dignified stones her demeanor is both sovereign & spirited. Channeling the diverse land, she is marvelously complex, yet wonderfully abandoned. A fascinating Queen, she is an awakening light to her pastel surrounds.

Swoon your Friday evening away!!  Happy weekend lovers x

Credits: Photographer: Cassandra Ladru | Hair &Make Up: Emma Plant | Art direction and styling: Megan Ziems | Crowns: Viktoria Novak 

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