Turkey | by Sara Heidinger

26th May 2015

Turkey by Sara Heidinger from S H Photography

For me traveling has always been an interesting way of pulling feelings to the surface that I might not be aware I was having. I go somewhere that is and should be completely foreign & yet it feels like home. Language barriers can turn into finding new commonalities to communicate. You realise that even though we are living worlds away & cultures apart just how similar we really all are.

Going to Turkey there where so many things I anticipated. I worried about the language, the cultural differences, traveling alone with just myself and another female friend. Immediately upon my arrival in Istanbul all my anticipations & worries quickly melted away and were replaced with sites and sounds that enthralled me.

Istanbul is a city so full of life, character, youth & history. After living in NYC for quite a while no other cities really get my heart racing. They often seem to pale in comparison just a little bit, but not Istanbul, it stood tall on all it had to offer.

Must do’s  Blue Mosque | Basilica Cistern | Hagia Sophia | 360 Rooftop Bar | Whirling dervishes | Goreme Open Air Museum

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